Deer Park Auto Repair

Autopro Automotive Services is a full-service auto repair shop located right in Deer Park. We pride ourselves on performing a wide range of auto repair services. For more information about our Deer Park auto repair shop, please give our office a call. The number to dial is 631-242-5992. When you reach out we can provide you with a free estimate for our repair work.

These repairs include electrical repair, brake repair, suspension alignment, wheel alignment and balancing, heating and air conditioning, exhaust repair. Other services that go beyond repair work are comprehensive diagnostic checkups, electrical testing, oil changes, and computer and fuel injection services. We also offer all factory maintenance services to help with any issues there and provide car owners with certified New York State car inspections when the time comes.

Experienced Deer Park Auto Shop

Having a trusted place to turn to when you have car problems happen can be a lifesaver. We will gladly assist you with any services you may need and do so at an affordable rate. Our shop is home to state-of-the-art equipment, along with the best in current technology. We buy and sell quality car parts to ensure that the most cost-effective methods of repair are completed. Our computer generated invoices allow you to see a complete breakdown of parts and labor that went into repairing your vehicle. We also keep complete service records of every vehicle on file, which helps us with any repairs down the road. We even send out reminder cards when specific services are required for a given vehicle. This is hands-on customer service at its finest.

Free Auto Repair Estimates 

Autopro Automotive Services has years of experience in the auto field. We have been providing trusted and affordable auto repair services to car owners in the Deer Park area for over 40 years! For more information about all of the services we provide, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your car. The number to call to speak to our Deer Park shop is 631-242-5992. We can provide you with a free consultation and estimate when you call. All estimates require your initial approval before any work is started. And any updated estimates will require your approval as well if any additional work is needed to complete the job.